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GLOWUP Event Meal Plan


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GLOWUP Event Meal Plan


Detox Water | Skinny Green (mini smoothie) | Forever Young (smoothie) | Root Vegetables Salad | Quinoa Snack Bar | Orange Detox Soup | Protein Nutrition Ball

Do you have an important event coming up? Do you want to look and feel your best for the occasion? Our Upcoming Event plan has everything you need and more for you to be your best self on your big day. Our plan focuses on delivering a well-balanced nutrition program to enhance your metabolism and relax your mood. Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A for glowing skin and vitamin C for general well-being and vitality, with our meal plan you’ll definitely be the star of the party!

Our meal plans

For when you need a boost of energy after a long weekend, for when you’re preparing for a big event, for when you want to enhance your performance, or maybe you’d like to gift a friend you love – we’ve got your back.

We at Blénd developed a set of unique and deliciously satisfying meal plans to suit any of your short- and long-term needs.  Subscribe to one of our meal plans today to receive a flavorful, well-balanced package of our carefully curated products to your doorstep.

All of our products are gluten, refined sugar, and dairy-free, and most important – outrageously delicious and 100% guilt-free.

We offer several meal plans that cater to a variety of occasions, all of which have been reviewed and approved by a certified whole-foods nutritionist.

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