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Thoughtfully designed to help your body cleanse and detoxify.
Provide your body with the break it deserves, while keeping you energized and nutritionally balanced. We invite you to treat yourself to one of our comprehensive DayTox Plans for an enjoyable cleansing process.
Our DayTox plans require no prep or cooking and are delivered straight to your door, ready for consumption.

We invite you to treat yourself to one of our comprehensive

DayTox Plans for an enjoyable cleansing process.

Our DayTox plans require no prep or cooking and are delivered  straight to your door.

Cold-pressed & Cleansing FAQs

How do I know I need to detox?

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, it may be a sign that it’s time to detox: 

Food cravings | Fatigue | Skin rashes or outbreaks | Indigestion problems | Mood swings | Headaches | Weight gain | Allergies…

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Made with 100% vegetables and/or fruit, “cold-pressed” refers to the technique of extracting the juice from the produce used. This technique relies on a hydraulic press machine that yields the highest nutritional values from the vegetables and fruit. Cold-pressed juices are unpasteurized, with no added sugar, preservatives or any other ingredients apart from the vegetables and fruit themselves.

What is the shelf life of cold-pressed juices?

Generally, cold-pressed juices may be kept in cool storage for a longer period than other fresh juices (up to 48 hours). However, we recommend consuming them fresh, on the day of production to best enjoy all the health and nutritional benefits of the juice.

Which cleansing programs do you offer?

Blénd is proud to offer three delicious, well-balanced DAYTOX programs: 1 day Beginners program, 3 days Advanced program and a 5 days Experts program. All of our cleansing kits can be either delivered to you or picked up from our store front at Ha-Nasi Yitskhak Ben Tsvi St 146, Hertsliya. Just let us know in advance which option your prefer.

What do your cleansing programs include?

Our Beginners (1 day) and Advanced (3 days) DAYTOX plans include a total of five cold-pressed drinks per day, one bottle of Detox Water and one Detox Soup. Our Experts (5 days) program offers more of our green cold-pressed juices. During the winter, our programs include two Detox Soups and four juices per day, plus one bottle of Detox Wayer. All of our kits are supplied with a reusable straw and an “emergency”, guilt-free, quinoa snack, for when you feel like you need an extra kick of nutrients or to be consumed at the end of the program.

Can I choose which juices go in my kit?

We have carefully curated for you a selection of delicious, nutritionally balanced, cold-pressed drinks. Each kit contains five cold-pressed drinks, a bottle of Detox Water, and one Detox Soup. However, if you have any dietary restrictions, or taste preferences, you can select which drinks you would like to include in your personal plan. Unfortunately, we don’t allow any changes to the ingredients in the drinks and soups themselves.

Are Blénd's DayTox plans suited for everyone?

Although our DAYTOX plans are designed to provide you with a nutritionally well-balanced program, juice cleanses are not meant for everyone. If you know of any health limitations, consult with your doctor before beginning any of our plans. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid our DAYTOX plans, however menstruating women are welcome to join (be aware of your body and what it needs). At any time during the program, if you feel unwell, you should stop cleansing and return to your regular diet. Cleansing programs may be mentally challenging to some, make sure you follow our guidelines when preparing for and enjoying the program, for an ultimate cleanse.

Is it possible to work out during a cleanse?

Listen to your body. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or a novice yogi, it’s important to stay tuned with what your body is signaling. We generally recommend you stick with low intensity workouts during your detox, and in any case be attentive and respectful of your body and its needs.

How will a juice cleanse affect my daily routine?

During your cleanse, you may want to tone it down a little, take the time to breathe, relax and pamper yourself with a warm bath (have you checked our indulgent bath and body products yet?!). Immediately before, during and after the cleanse we recommend you avoid smoking, alcohol, sugar and caffeine, so take that under consideration. Follow our guidelines for best results and enjoyment. And don’t forget to drink a lot of water (and/or herbal tea infusions)!

How do I prepare for an effective juice cleanse?

Three days before you start, we recommend that you adhere to a vegetarian, preferably vegan, diet and try to avoid processed and fried food. We also recommend that you avoid sugar, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol consumption. This will prepare you for an efficient detoxification process, reducing and eliminating any unnecessary side effects.

Will I be hungry during the juice cleanse?

You may feel a slight hunger during the juice cleanse, but this is a good thing! Continue with the program as prescribed, and we guarantee that the hunger will subside as you progress. 5. If you find the program too challenging at first, feel free to enjoy our delicious quinoa snack, located in the side pocket of your tote bag (we personally recommend saving it for the morning after the program is completed).

How do I return to my regular routine post-cleanse?

For the next couple of days after the cleanse, it is best that you stay on a vegetarian, preferably vegan, diet and avoid smoking, alcohol, sugar and caffeine. We invite you to subscribe to one of our delicious Meal Plans to help you with your post-cleanse adjustment and maintain your results.

What is the recommended frequency for Blénd's DAYTOX programs?

First of all, we invite you to find the right time and place for committing to the program fully, a time when you can relax a little and enjoy a well-balanced daily routine. We recommend the 1 day DAYTOX program at the start of every week, after a long weekend of partying, or when you simply need a boost of energy. The 3 days DAYTOX program is recommended for once every three month and 5 days program every six months, preferably during transition seasons – autumn and spring.

Are there any side effects I should anticipate?

In order to minimize possible side effects it is best if you commit to our detailed guidelines. If you’re used to drinking coffee, you may experience some headaches during the cleanse. That’s why it’s important that you avoid coffee in the couple of days prior to when you start cleansing. If you feel uneasy or experience any extreme bodily sensations, stop the program immediately and consult with your doctor.

Can I gift one of your DayTox plans?

Yes! We offer gift cards in addition to the possibility to purchase our DAYTOX plans as a gift. Whether you are in need of some self-pampering or want to encourage someone dear to you, try one of our DAYTOX plans for a healthy, enjoyable, wellness experience.